Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Still more misguided comments

I received this from yet again another anonymous (read: guttless coward) poster:
If you knew anything about good service you wouldn't be acting in this way. People like you are horrible to have to deal with. I'm sure you'd be just as rude to someone who offered you the most amazing service imaginable...All you're trying to do is get stuff for your lousy complaints. Quit being an ass someday ok. Love ya..See ya at IKEA next time...cuz you know you'll be back..mark my doubt about it :)
Since when are we not to expect good customer service, especially from a giant like IKEA(suckz)? Please, enlighten me on how if I knew anything about customer service I wouldn't be acting this way! This should be good. I mean really, have we dumbed ourselves down to the point where we are suposed to accept poor quality and service? I thpought it was the other way around. And to say that I was being rude is plain ludicrous! I did not get nor was I ever rude with these people and in fact they were rude to me. So much so that that is the reason they replaced the broken parts; their poor handling of the situation and the fact that they treated me rudely.

Now if the 12 year olds who have some how taken it upon themselves to champion the cause of IKEA(suckz) would guit wasting their time posting disparaging comments and go and get a real job in the service industry then maybe they wouldn't be so quick to condem me for wanting, no demanding good customer servce. If you're already in the field DO YOUR FUCKING JOB WELL and you won't get any complaints from the likes of me. Otherwise don't expect me to freely give you my hard earned cash. Maybe then they'll learn the value of standing behind a product and not looking at everyone who complains as an ass with nothing better to do. Quite frankly I find it appalling that I need to defend my position in any way. It's so clear to me.

Oh and just to be perfectly clear, I will NEVER shop at IKEA(suckz) again! You can mark MY words on that one ya stupid dumb ass!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Comments. Arrogance at it's worst!

Apparently some people would rather spout off and be all insulting without having a bloody clue of what they speak. My problem was never with the instructions. The comment, if read properly, was referring to something Jay Leno featured on the Tonight Show. The example he showed on the show was quite simply nothing more than a picture of a table. Nothing more. That's why it was so funny in it's absurdity.

My problem with Ikea is their extremely poor customer service. It is quite simply deplorable. If those who commented would have taken a moment to read what this blog was all about they may not have been so arrogant in their condemnation of me. There is nothing so frustrating as those who feel they can make arrogant comments based on 1/100th of the information. And to make matters worse the comments were either left annonymously or in such a way as to avoid my responding to them. Gutless to boot. Nothing worse than guttless arrogance!

I will say this much. Ikea did in fact replace my table. Of course they did it in the most ridiculously inefficient, costly (to them) and arduous fashion. They also made it clear that they were not accomodating me because the product was in fact faulty, which it was, but because of the extremely poor fashion in which this whole thing was handled by them. The bottom line is that they still do not stand behind their products. So, to those negative commenters who were too guttless to leave a way of contacting them and who didn't care to take the time to read the information I say "Get a life, ya bunch of dumbasses!"

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