Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Been a while

Sorry that it's been a while since posting to this blog and or replying to comments. I forget that people are still commenting here with most empathizing and or sharing their own horrid experience with Ikea. Then I get the ones like you see quoted below and it reminds me that some people take their own personal ownership of places like Ikea and feel the need to defend while throwing insults at those they don't agree with. To me, and especially now that I am no longer in a very angry phase of my life, they are simply being rude. And for what? The defence of a multi-national corporation like Ikea. And they say I need to get a life. To be fair not all who disagree with me are rude and I surely don't mind being disagreed with. Heck it is what makes the world interesting. Having said that I present two examples of disagreement, one being rude and the other being funny. You decide for yourself. Oh and do take a minute to read the other comments as some of them are very interesting:

beinghonest said...
i'm sorry, but this truly is just pitiful. i shop IKEA all the time ad not only do i get GREAT service when i'm in there, but if something breaks (which NEVER happens for no reason) i am always given a replacement piece. no problem. they probably were "rude" to you because they serve human beings, not arrogant pricks like you. all that "time" you wasted... you probably caused it. i'm sorry but this whole "saga" is disgusting, self- centered, and annoying. grow up. IKEA is great.

FYI: Being honest wasn't honest or brave enough to leave a comment that could be replied to. Typical. Not to mention that I stated a couple of times that I don't think I would have had any of these problems had I had an actual store to walk into and talk face-to-face with someone. Instead, as a mail-order customer all dealings where done over the phone or via e-mail. Apparently to this person being critical does not include being thorough and reading the WHOLE story. And I'm the one who needs to see a psychiatrist. Ha!

anonymous said...
Go. see. a. psychiatrist. At once.

To that I say "thanks I have and it helped a lot, but I still won't shop at Ikea again." ;)

Well that's it for now. Shop at Ikea at your own risk. To those with nothing but positive experiences with Ikea and their products I say "congratulations, good for you. I would expect nothing less from the biggest furniture company in the world." I only wish that was my experience but it wasn't and I, for whatever reasons, felt like writing about it. If you want to leave your counter experience by all means please do. Just please don't be rude about it. Thanks much and Cheers!