Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still nothing. Maybe they SUCK again!

Well still nothing from IKEA. Hmmm, do you think I was duped again? They seem to be good at that. Smoke and mirrors. Promises not met, furniture not fixed.

I was watching a talk show last night, I think it was Leno or something. Anyway, he was talking about how a friend of his had bought a table from IKEA and was astounded by the assembly instructions. I can't say that I blame him as the instructions simply consisted of nothing more than a picture of the assembled table. Something tells me this is typical of the mighty IKEA. How the hell did they get so popular? Are people really so dumb that they will completely compromise quality aand service for price? Okay, dumb question, but really how do they do it?

In the meantime, as promised, my replacement toner cartridge for my laser printer arrived yesterday. This one works flawlessly and I will be more than happy to purchase from them again.

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