Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still nothing. Maybe they SUCK again!

Well still nothing from IKEA. Hmmm, do you think I was duped again? They seem to be good at that. Smoke and mirrors. Promises not met, furniture not fixed.

I was watching a talk show last night, I think it was Leno or something. Anyway, he was talking about how a friend of his had bought a table from IKEA and was astounded by the assembly instructions. I can't say that I blame him as the instructions simply consisted of nothing more than a picture of the assembled table. Something tells me this is typical of the mighty IKEA. How the hell did they get so popular? Are people really so dumb that they will completely compromise quality aand service for price? Okay, dumb question, but really how do they do it?

In the meantime, as promised, my replacement toner cartridge for my laser printer arrived yesterday. This one works flawlessly and I will be more than happy to purchase from them again.

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Bill said...

IKEAphobia, The Movie just premiered online at www.ikeaphobia.com. Enjoy!

Maria Veas said...

You suck!

I love Ikea, there is plenty of affordable and original things for a student like me. Why are you wasting your time with such negativaty? If you don't like that store, just don't shop there.

Be happy, don't stress so much and be a good person, you'll live a better life!

Anonymous said...

hey moron...last time i checked i didnt require instructions on how to screw four legs into the bottom of a table. i used to work for ikea and yeah, there are no verbal instructions included in the assembly pamphlets, but if you have half a brain cell you can figure it out. so stop bitching about it and move on with your sorry life.

ura: anonymous the second. said...

agreed with "anonymous".
When I moved to Sweden, my family bought our first IKEA furnitures and it didn't take my 10year old brain more than 5 seconds to figure out how to make sense out of the pictorial instructions.
Think about it. Do you really need a 100-step instruction that says "take leg 1, place it HERE. take screw, place it HERE. take screwdriver, place it over the screw, turn ANTICLOCKWISE until it doesn't turn anymore. take leg 2 ..." ?
Do you?
If you do, I pity you...along with other people who are equally frustrated when they have to figure something out for themselves even the tinyest bit.
Don't worry, I'll send you a step-by-step WORDED pictorial instruction how to become a manic depressive so you can go cry & kill yourself. You don't have to figure that one out by yourself.

o peão relinchante said...

gladly i find there's normal people commenting here .... i came to do exactly what i saw already done.
good. i'm ok now.

o peão relinchante said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, I was looking for this same coffee table a couple of years back. It was not on their salesfloor, so I asked one of their staff where I could see it. They responded that they don't keep it on the floor becasue it usually breaks within a day, and then they have to write another one off. I quickly looked for an alternative. I saw a Lamborn table in their As-is department and it was broken in the exact same location as your one. It is definitely a weak spot on the table. As for their instructions, they ship the same product all over the world, so it's easier (supposedly) to remove words from their instructions and just ask people to follow pictures. Most of the time, it works well, but then now and again you'll get some pathetic attempt to describe an assembly process!

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Anonymous said...

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