Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tick tock

Well nothing is ever simple nor easy. Especially it would seem when dealing with IKEA. Although they agreed to replace the broken parts I have not yet seen the replacement pieces nor have I heard back from them. Maybe it was just a ploy to get me to go away. Maybe they just need to do things in the most inefficient and expensive way possible. Maybe this is why their stuff is crap; they spend all their money on useless customer service. Honestly, they could have bought and shipped me several tables for what they have probably spent dealing with me.

It seems they can't just send me the parts. I either have to have my current, broken table diss-assembled and boxed waiting to be exchanged with a completely new table or take the parts I need out of the new table and replace them with the broken parts and send the new table back. That seemed easy enough until he realized that it was originally shipped via post and this would only work if a courier was used. He said he would figure it out and call me back. That was the last I have heard from him. Hmmmm, I smell a conspiracy. Or is it a rat? ;^) Surely they don't think I'll just, what, forget? Are some people really that dumb? I sure hope not but fear many are.

So nothing is over until it's truly over. And this, I'm afraid, is far from over.

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1 comment:

Maria Veas said...

You suck!

I love Ikea, there is plenty of affordable and original things for a student like me. Why are you wasting your time with such negativaty? If you don't like that store, just don't shop there.

Be happy, don't stress so much and be a good person, you'll live a better life!