Monday, October 31, 2005

IKEA sucks - Stupid is as stupid does.

And on it goes. Today I finaly get a call from IKEA! Woo woo! Not so woo woo. This guy tells me his name is Jeff and that he's calling because I requested a manager call back. This brings my hopes up that perhaps I may finally get some satisfaction from these turkeys. Again not so. He proceeds to tell me about the 45 day warranty. This sort of gets my ire and he can tell there is an edge to my voice. I asked him if he thought a table should last longer than three months? All he could do was tell me about a 45 day warranty. I was getting pretty mad but wasn't rude. I did tell him that the whole experience thus far had been unbelievable and despicable, and was shocked if they thought that was good customer service.

Then he said something about the table that I didn't hear so I asked him if he even knew what table I was talking about. He could not answer me. I asked him if he had seen the pictures I sent. He had not, telling me that all he had was an E-mail saying that I have a broken table. I was livid and asked why he hadn't read my complaint or seen the pictures and why he was calling me without having done that. He got very upset and told me that he was trying to be as nice as possible here. Who cares? Oh sorry for getting angry at your ineptitude. Do your job you fucking idiot! Or at least give me to someone who has the brains to do that before calling me. Dumb fuck! Or am I the dumb fuck for even thinking that I might get some propper customer service here? Despite being angry at me he knew I was right and said that he was going to get off the phone and go and look at the pictures that were suppoosed to be included in the message and then call me back with his "decision". I said that I would appreciate that and that is where it was left. Needless to say I have yet to hear back from him. Hmmm, I wonder if I ever will?

Have any suggestions about this? Want to share your own horror story? Feel free to leave a comment and I will post it here for the whole world to see.

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Maria Veas said...

You suck!

I love Ikea, there is plenty of affordable and original things for a student like me. Why are you wasting your time with such negativaty? If you don't like that store, just don't shop there.

Be happy, don't stress so much and be a good person, you'll live a better life!

Anonymous said...

As an IKEA worker I can tell you they {management} couldn't care less about the customer or the worker,infact the little worker is the meat in the sandwich between the customer and management.
These are the workers that hate IKEA.The workers that write all the "IKEA is great" stories are either management,who can more or less hide from the customer or break the rules to get rid of the customer who is making it difficult for them.

Just Google "IKEA SUCKS"or "I HATE IKEA" or "Ingvar Kamprad+Nazi"and you'll have hours of interesting reading.

I'm amazed customers keep coming back to be treated like this,workers need to pay the bills but what's the customers excuse,it's not as though it's great furniture.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of IKEA jokes here -

Anonymous said...

We decided to buy all our furniture for our new house from Ikea. After selecting what we wanted online we enquired about delivery charges from the Schaumberg store to our Zip code in Madison, WI.

We looked up the price online (Ask Anna) and spoke to 2 customer service reps on two different days. We were told that the charges would be $165 for 400 lbs followed by 15 cents per extra pound. When we visited the Schaumberg store, after a whole day of shopping we were told that the delivery charge would be more than twice what we had told. After arguing for over 1 & 1/2 hours the store agreed to "honour" our quoted delivery charge but then informed us that delivery would take 2-4 weeks and not 3 days as we had been told. They also told us that Ikea online,catalog and the stores were unrelated companies. We're still waiting on our furniture. We were extremely disappointed by the lack of customer service and will never shop there again.

Fanny said...


anthony said...

Ikea Sucks!

Had some fun with the Ikea Office teama few years back. See:

for correspondence

Solo said...

I purchased for delivery, online web states delivery for the area in October is $59 however, get tot he store and I'm arguing because the guy there says no its $69 now. Well, after much arguing I get a manager and I have to call back. Meanwhile back at the delivery shows up..only 3 or 4 boxes. Hummmm. Ok. They go back to the store. Come back and hour later and the nice pristine box I originally had looks like a dogs breakfast. Not only that the delivery guys pants are ripped all over like a strippers wardrobe. They made me feel bad to send him back. I finally check the box, wrong item code on it from what I had on my wish list. GREAT!!! Call Ikea next day. They have to open another case. Two weeks later and too many calls, Ikea finally agrees to send me a $10 gift card for the $10 difference on the delivery issue. However a month later, SORRY FOR YOUR LUCK on the wrong pick on the item you received. IKEA YOU REALLY SUCK!!

Anonymous said...

i suppose you are right. a warranty should last as long as the item it belongs to. just like it does with cars.... oh wait that doesn't work.... i mean electronics ... nope, not that either. i guess that warranty problem of yours is unfounded after all

George said...

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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you the delivery service is not much better in Australia Solo! Two weeks later and I am still waiting on the other half of my order. I have phoned every single day only to be told 'we will have to look into it and somebody will call you back.' I've had my complaint escalated 3 times. One lady promised me she had reordered the 'lost' items and I would have them yesterday. Still not here. I rang again today only to be told those items are not in stock. All the items were available when we put the order in so not sure how they can go missing or be out of stock between the order and receiving them. In effect, Ikea have stolen my money as they have given me nothing in return. I am now considering taking legal action. I used to sing Ikea's praises but not anymore! Will never order another thing from them again!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on items to be delivered after wasting 2 days to be sure to be home..then being told it wouldn't be delivered till 2 days later..grrr