Friday, October 28, 2005

IKEA sucks - Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... there just is no justice with these #%^@@#*&^$_

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's about all I can say about this experience. I'll say this much, IKEA seems resolved to trample the notion of good customer service as far down into the ground as they possibly can. Not even a daily E-mail has produced any kind of contact from them at all. I think that the address they gave me is a dead end address for losers like me.

Well fuck that! I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned.

Have any suggestions about this? Want to share your own horror story? Feel free to leave a comment and I will post it here for the whole world to see.

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Maria Veas said...

You suck!

I love Ikea, there is plenty of affordable and original things for a student like me. Why are you wasting your time with such negativaty? If you don't like that store, just don't shop there.

Be happy, don't stress so much and be a good person, you'll live a better life!

Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about good service you wouldn't be acting in this way. People like you are horrible to have to deal with. I'm sure you'd be just as rude to someone who offered you the most amazing service imaginable...All you're trying to do is get stuff for your lousy complaints. Quit being an ass someday ok. Love ya..See ya at IKEA next time...cuz you know you'll be back..mark my doubt about it :)

Anonymous said...

What do you have against Swedes? :'(

Anonymous said...

Well, damn!