Wednesday, October 26, 2005

IKEA sucks - Still banging my head against the wall that is IKEA!

I have resorted to sending IKEA a daily E-mail. It usually has a reference to the latest E-mail from the Web site Customer Service - different from the real "Customer Service" - telling me that they are forwarding my message to "Customer Service" and I should hear back from them soon. At least this time they put a time of within 48 - 72 hours. I am not holding my breath. You'll notice that I have begun to c.c. the President of IKEA Canada. I don't really have an E-mail address for her but figured it couldn't hurt to c.c. her. Having said that if anyone has an E-mail address for her I would truly love to get my hands on it. ;-)

Here is today's version of my daily E-mail to them:
As I have not heard from anyone yet I am sending this again, and will continue to do so on a daily basis until someone from IKEA who can make a decision decides to actually speak to me. I did receive this today, the second such message from your Web site Customer Service:

Hello Mr. Dudley,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. To help you further in this matter, we have forwarded your message to the Customer Service department of IKEA Home Shopping on your behalf. You will be contacted via telephone regarding case file S1180087 within 48 to 72 hours.

Should you require further assistance with your case, please do not hesitate to contact IKEA Home Shopping by telephone with your file number.

Store phone numbers are available online at:

Best Regards,
IKEA Website Customer Service

I've heard that one before! You know, the one where I am promised that someone will be in touch within 48-72 hours. It's been a month and I'm still waiting for someone to call me! In any event, in case you missed it below is my situation.

On October 21, I spoke with a customer service rep. named Adriane who instructed me to send this info to you in the hopes that I will be given the opportunity to speak to someone who will actually stand behind an IKEA product for more than 45 days. I will not be punished for being an at home shopper. If there was a store here this would not have been an issue as I am sure that when presented with the physical evidence someone there would have agreed with me that this is not acceptable after only three months of use.

I'm not usually driven to demand anything. Yet after the way I have been yelled at, accused of misuse, and generally disrespected not to mention that after only three months I have a broken table, I demand that I am either given my money back or have this faulty piece replaced, at no cost to me.

The way I have been treated thus far has been truly astonishing to say the least. I would have expected more from a company that seems to be so highly regarded and is so successful.

I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

c.c. Ms. Kerri Molinaro
President, IKEA Canada

Have any suggestions about this? Want to share your own horror story? Feel free to leave a comment and I will post it here for the whole world to see.

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Anonymous said...

yes they do

Maria Veas said...

You suck!

I love Ikea, there is plenty of affordable and original things for a student like me. Why are you wasting your time with such negativaty? If you don't like that store, just don't shop there.

Be happy, don't stress so much and be a good person, you'll live a better life!

answer-man said...

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Ross. I'm a reporter at the Victoria Times Colonist and I'm doing a story on IKEA. Would you be interested in being interviewed for the story? If yes, please email me at, or phone 250-380-5354.

Many thanks,
J. Hatherly

Gi said...

I agree with you Ikea has horrible customer service it has been a month since I have been waiting for my wardrobe and I have been tryimg to get my money back! They make it a 72 min wait to get a hold of customer service and then you get a nice story that you will get a call back! They make it very hard for you to get your money back! I have no wardrobe and Im out $500.00! BUYERS BEWARE!!!! Oh by the way I live in Toronto the store is on the Queensway only 15 min away and yet my order is coming from Montreal? They truly are a bad company! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes we too have been given the brush off/run around. We [my husband and I] live in Christopher lake Sask. There is no IKEA to be found in our province so we went to the closest place, Edmonton on Thursday Oct.9 to return an item that was broken when we took it out of the box. This was our 2 trip in three weeks with incuring costs of gas [500km x2],hotel costs, meals etc. Yes we could have had it delivered but we wanted to see the article in person hoping to insure that our inspection would prevent any further problems.We purchased some other articles but when we got home another article was found to be not only broken but missing half of what needed to be there. By this time we did not want to invest even more time and money so we called Ikea only to be put on hold for over 25 min. When we finally connected with a human being rather than a recorded voice telling us how wonderful Ikea is, we were told the resolution dept. was closed for the day[3pm] They filed our # and said they would contact us asap. Three days later we too got a call from Adrian and he was very sympathetic and apologized but he told us we would still have to pay for delivery to the closest city and then drive in to get it at an additional cost to us. Needless to say I was not happy and I said an apology just wasn't going to be enough and could he please direct us to his manager.He immediately told us that his manager was not in today. So I continued to explain to him that we wanted it to be delivered without cost since it was their problem for selling us damaged and incomplete goods. After several minutes of getting nowhere he then connected us with the manager who was not supposed to be there. The manager then proceeded to give us the same unacceptable options. He said it was essentially our problem because we lived so far away. I told him no it was Ikea's problem because they sold us damaged/incomplete goods. After getting nowhere fast I asked him for the name and # of the president. He gave me Kerri's name and said we could connect with her on the Ikea site. We have spend a good portion of our day trying to connect with her with no success. I believe Ikea like alot of these other big international companies are counting on you to get tired and give up. They make it as difficult as possible for you to even just file a complaint let alone receive some satisfactory compensation. What ever happened to "the customer is always right" or "satisfaction guaranteed." Yes Ikea does suck! Big time!
Disgruntled again

Val Guillaume said...

I recently bought some chair covers on sale at Ikea Toronto store. I did not know that they were made specifically to fit only Ikea chairs. I took it home and they were no use at all. Ikea refused to take them back and refunded my money. The best that they could do was to offer me a store credit, which I did not want after the service I had just recieved from both the store manager and other customer service reps at the store. My question is. Why is Ikea selling products to the public that they cannot use? Their advertising is misleading. I had thought that the chair covers would fit any standard chair. It did not. My only choice was to buy the specific ikea chair that the covers were made for. But the items were being sold with no instructions to the customer that if purchased, it would only fit an ikea chair of a specific kind. I know most stores do not have such a ridiculous policy or products such as Ikea does. I am warning customers to beware of ikea products. They are not the best and their prices are also not suited to the quality of the furnishings. They need to start finding ways to meet the needs of the customers better. After my experience with Ikea, I came away believing that they are only interested in the profits that they make and not in the customers. Quality service is not a priority with this company at all.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Ikea in the past. I know most of their furniture is not of the highest quality and you get what you pay for etc. But after purchasing a bed there I can not believe the treatment I got from their customer service department. After several phone conversations that were getting me no where, I asked for the name of the person above her, and was told by this rep. that there was no one above her. To which I responded that I had no idea that I was speaking with the president of Ikea. She, I believe her name was Candice, told me I would have to come to the store to get the name of the person above her. Since it is an hours drive away, I told her if I had to drive to the store to get a name... the bed would be coming with me to be returned, and that I would really like to resolve my problem before getting to that point. Again she told me that was my only the bed is going back.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Ikea, but their quality of service are going down hill, I don't think I'll be their loyal customer anymore. They never admit any mistake that is made on their part, any phone call I made to the store I had to wait for a long time on the phone, and the answer usually is they will call me back. Ikea sucks big time, I think with 2.7 billion Euro profit in 2010, they can hire some decent business trainers to trian their staff how to talk properly over the phone.

Anonymous said...

i live in surrey bc, this is so true about ikea, we bought a kvik sofa bed from them and i was shocked to realise the discomfort i had to suffer sitting on that, my back is gone and when i talked to the customer service they told me to bring the sofa there and then they will try to fix she also said there is nothing much they can do about the discomfort and it was entirely my risk if i wanted to bring it there, i was in a shock as we are retired people and do not have money to thrw around i am stuck with that sofa may be i will give it to salvation if it can be of any use to the.i am utterly disappointed with ikea.

dionysis said...

Ooooo I'm in Ikea's customer service waiting room right now. My # is 41, the 2 customer service reps working are on #29.
My ordeal began after purchasing a Hemnes bookshelf... One of the rear boards was missing. After 3 very frustrating phone calls to Ikea customer service, where I was hung up on & given false information, I found out I have to make a repeat one hour round trip to the store.
I'm pretty sure they won't be able to reace the part, based on my experiences so far.
I will never shop here again. I'll spend the extra money and head to Dania.