Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yep you read it correctly V I C T O R Y is mine! Finally received a call back from the fellow named Jeff. He explained that he was willing to make an exception at this time and is sending me a replacement top and brackets. He did explain that this exception was being made not because the table broke and shouldn't have, but because of the way I'd been treated up until now. Seems he stumbled upon my endless stream of E-mails and phone calls and found the response to be inadequate. I'll say!

So there you have it furniture fans. If you yell loud and long enough it seems that whether it be for the correct reasons or not you will eventually get what you want/need. He called me on it and I did apologize to him for referring to him as a peon in one of my most recent E-mail messages to IKEA. I did preface my apology by telling him that I did that because I was mad and frustrated and he said that he understood completely.

I guess all that is left now is waiting for my replacement part to arrive. I sure hope it does because I don't want to have to do this all over again. Will I ever shop there again? That is the million dollar question. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I will say this much: "Don't hold your breath on my ever shopping there again." ;-)

For anyone who may have been following this saga, thank you and good night! LOL I'll update on how the replacement is when it gets here. Until then enjoy life and for the love of god get out from behind your computer, quit reading these blogs, go out and get some fresh air and try interacting with some real humans because if I've learnt anything here it's that life is too short to sit at a computer ranting 24//7. Speak at y'all later.

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Anonymous said...


I am out a lot of money due to rude service, and now cannot reach the STORE which is three hours away for me...and I have been trying for two days to reach ANYBODY from sales to customer service. I have even tried the regular listed phone number for the paramus, NJ store, and CANNOT REACH ANYBODY DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS!!!!!!! They owe me money!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know IKEA is a fad, which is why I went, but they don't have any customer support, and don't forget anything or you will just be out!!!! Right now, as I write this, I have been on hold for thirty minutes for the online chat with IKEA!!!!!At the same time, their phone has been ringing for thirty minutes at their customer service line on their website....
Nothing on their website is the truth especially ANY CONTACTS