Monday, October 17, 2005

IKEA sucks - Of course you know this means war!

Well, the last time that I spoke to anyone from IKEA sucks was October 8. So much for a five day call-back list. Time for the gloves to come off.

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Lippo's Lounge said...

This is gold!!

Love it when a consumer vents rage on those department stores.

I've had a hundred run around stories from Ikea. Picked up furniture with all those bits missing.

Go get 'em!!

Patrick said...

Wow, I just knew I would find others that have had problems with IKEA. Initially, I liked IKEA for its prices and cheap knock offs of classic modernist designs. However, lately, I have been reminded that quality does not come cheap.
I purchased a Jules office chair about five months ago from the Draper, Utah store. It looked fair for the price, but today I noticed the chair was not flush on the floor. I adjusted it and then noticed the welds that hold the five, wheeled legs on are snapping off. Two of the five welds are cracked and the legs are falling off. So I think, okay, this happens when your products are mass produced in a Chinese or Eastern European cheap labor factory.
So I got online and asked Anna for help. Wow, what a waste of time and the default answers had nothing to do with my questions. So by now, I have wasted 45 minutes and I am getting upset. So I call their customer service hotline. After being on hold for another 21 minutes, I get some clueless teenager who is clearly not listening to my requests. No, she says, you can return the chair within 90 days if you have your receipt. I explain again, I like the chair; it is just that the base is defective and I need a replacement. Sorry, she says, no replacements after 90 days. I ask her, even if the item is defective. I ask her again, even if the welds are clearly defective and not manufactured correctly. Without any hesitation, she answers yes, and tries to end the call. I then ask to speak to her supervisor, because it seems hard for me to imagine a company like IKEA would knowingly not replace defective merchandise. After waiting on hold for 26 straight minutes with horrible IKEA commercials, I hung up very angry.
So I’m going to call American Express today, have them take the charge off my card and will be warning potential customers not only on defective, poorly made products, but horrible, unresponsive customer service. All they had to do was replace my base, but now I will be warning millions of people about IKEA poor quality and inferior customer service. Make sure you inspect every single part and piece of your product if you are going to buy from this sweat shop quality store.